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6-Month Research Report
Click below to see what UW-CTRI researchers accomplished in 2015. Or download the PDF.

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UW-CTRI 6-Month Report
Dr. Fiore Receives Prestigious Award from the National Cancer Institute
UW-CTRI Launches BREATHE Study
UW-CTRI Awarded $3.7 Million Grant to Study E-Cigs
Researchers Hope to Further Link Genetics to Quit-Smoking Treatments

Research Program Overview
The University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (UW-CTRI) is nationally recognized for its tobacco research. UW-CTRI is also a leader in translating tobacco research results into cutting-edge tobacco treatment.
UW-CTRI conducts research not just in labs, but also in healthcare clinics throughout Wisconsin.

Research Publications Since Inception
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