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UW-CTRI Seeks to Hire Two Research Specialists

12-Month Research Report
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UW-CTRI Launches BREATHE Study
UW-CTRI Awarded $3.7 Million Grant to Study E-Cigs
Researchers Hope to Further Link Genetics to Quit-Smoking Treatments
US Adult Smoking Rate at Record Low 17%
New England Journal of Medicine Paper: ACA Calls for Coverage to Quit Smoking: Will Insurers Do the Right Thing?
UW Researchers Identify Key Reason Some Smokers May Struggle So Much to Quit
Study: African American Women Struggle Most to Quit Menthols
Second Time the Charm for Study Participant to Quit Smoking

Research Program Overview
The University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (UW-CTRI) is nationally recognized for its tobacco research. UW-CTRI is also a leader in translating tobacco research results into cutting-edge tobacco treatment.
UW-CTRI conducts research not just in labs, but also in healthcare clinics throughout Wisconsin.

Research Publications Since Inception
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