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4 Quit Line Materials

Unfortunately, due to substantial budget cuts to the Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention & Control program -- which funds the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line, Quit Line promotional materials are no longer mailed out free of charge to health care providers.  However, we offer the following options for health-care providers to access Quit Line materials: (Note: Smokers may call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for a FREE quit guide.)

1. Desktop Printing. To download and print one-page fact sheets free from your desktop, click here.

2. Pick up free, printed Quit Line materials at our Madison office: UW-CTRI, 1930 Monroe Street, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53711. Please send a request for pickup ahead of time by e-mail at quitline@ctri.medicine.wisc.edu.

3. Receive the materials via FedEx by providing us with your FedEx account number for billing purposes. You will be charged for delivery only. Send your materials request, your mailing address and FedEx information to quitline@ctri.medicine.wisc.edu. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping and handling.

4. Request the free files for your print vendor. We offer free Quit Line materials that you can send to your local print vendor to print them. You have the option of adding your organization's logo to the Quit Line materials. These are NOT meant to be printed on your desktop. For desktop printing, please see option 1 above. Simply e-mail your request for e-files to quitline@ctri.medicine.wisc.edu.
Materials available include:
  • Quit Line brochure (general information)
  • Medications brochure
  • Bookmarks (Spanish/English or Hmong/English versions available)
  • Business Cards
  • Poster

Quantities are limited. Please check back here for updates on the availability of materials before making future requests.

To download and print one-page fact sheets free from your desktop, click here.

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